BodTrack Betelgeuse
BodTrack Betelgeuse
BodTrack Betelgeuse
BodTrack Betelgeuse
BodTrack Betelgeuse

BodTrack Betelgeuse

BodTrack Betelgeuse

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Say goodbye to outdated fitness trackers and embrace the future with the BodTrack Betelgeuse! This comes with a vibrant display and dynamic features that turn every health journey into an exhilarating adventure. Our state-of-the-art wearable is here to make health monitoring an experience filled with insights and victories.

No matter the weather or your workout intensity, the BodTrack Betelgeuse is your trusty sidekick, built to withstand the elements. Its durable design ensures that your health journey remains uninterrupted, even during unexpected moments.

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The BodTrack Betelgeuse offers a holistic approach to health with features like the Three Rings of Health, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level monitoring, and ECG tracking. This makes it a one-stop solution for all health and fitness needs.

Seamless Connectivity

With Bluetooth calls and Bluetooth music, you can stay connected to your favorite tunes and important calls without needing another device. This integration ensures that you are always connected, whether you're working out, traveling, or just relaxing.


The device boasts intuitive controls with an FPC button, a supporting knob, and a patch button. Additionally, features like wrist-turn screen activation, dial customization, and multilingual app support make it user-friendly and adaptable to individual preferences.


The BodTrack Betelgeuse is not only stylish but also practical. Its water-resistant design ensures durability, while the wireless charging feature adds a layer of convenience. The integrated horn that doubles as a receiver ensures clear audio, making it a reliable companion for everyday use.


Beyond health and fitness, the BodTrack Betelgeuse offers a plethora of additional functions like sleep monitoring, remote photography, flight mode, Siri integration, and weather updates. This is a versatile tool that caters to various aspects of your daily life.


Health and Fitness Tracking: Heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring, blood oxygen measurement, sports modes, distance tracking, and more.

Communication and Notifications: Call reminders, SMS alerts, and social app message reminders.

Customization Options: Customize watch components, create custom watch dials, adjust brightness, and switch between watch dials.

Smart Functions: Voice calls, video control, music playback, breathing training, calculator, long-sitting reminder, alarm clock reminders, weekly health reports, bracelet locator, weather updates, and more.

Social Features: Social business card, WeChat sports integration.

Security: Password lock screen.

Design and Display: Full-screen touch interface with an intelligent split-screen display.

Battery Life: Extended standby time and usage time.

Waterproof: Suitable for everyday activities and water exposure.


Microphone: Yes

Side Key: FPC button with knob and patch button

Horn: Yes

Receiver: Integrated with horn

Power amplifier: Yes

Battery capacity: 180mAh

Wireless Charging Support

Supported Languages:
English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Polish, Arabic, Malay, Thai, Czech, Slovak, Filipino, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Italian, Finnish, Croatian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Korean, Hungarian, Greek, Persian


1 x BodTrack Betelegeuse Smart Watch

1 x Instruction manual (English)


Q:Do you need to connect the Betelgeuse smartwatch to a phone for it to work?
A: No, you do not need to connect the watch to a phone. You can access all the information, including blood pressure and heart rate monitoring, directly on the watch without the need for a phone connection.

Q: Do you need an additional device to track blood pressure?
A: No, you do not need an additional device. The watch is equipped to measure blood pressure independently.

Q: How accurate is the blood pressure measurement?
A: The blood pressure measurement is accurate; however, we recommend using it as a guideline and continuing to get your blood pressure checked by a healthcare professional for comprehensive monitoring.

Q: Are these watches compatible with iPhones?
A: Yes, they are compatible with iPhones.

Q: Are these watches compatible with Samsung and Android devices?
A: Yes, they are compatible with Samsung and other Android devices, ensuring wide compatibility for users with various smartphones.